Mortgage Affordability calculator

How much house can I afford? The rule of thumb is you can afford a mortgage where your monthly housing costs are no more than 32% of your gross household income

Land Transfer Tax

Use this Land Transfer Tax Calculator and learn more about Provincial Land Transfer Tax. In Toronto, First-time home buyers may be eligible for a rebate of the provincial and municipal land transfer taxes

CMHC insurance calculator

Get The Coverage You Need To Financially Secure Your Family's Future. CMHC insurance is required when you have a down payment of less than 20% or when you or the property fall short of the bank's lending criteria.

Rent vs  Own Calculator 

In most cases, it is cheaper to buy a house than to rent for a long period of time. While house prices are rocketing, in general, rents aren't. This should allow renters to save more money, and to buy a home.


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    Mortgage Payment Calculator

    Planning for a mortgage? Find out how much your payments will be & set your budget today! Calculate a house payment. Learn More With The Next Search.Get Pr-Approved Today, and Secure Your Down Payment.

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