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Thank you for visiting our esteemed website, where exceptional opportunities await you! Whether you are a discerning buyer in search of the perfect property, a savvy seller looking to maximize your investment, a prospective renter seeking a comfortable abode, or someone considering downsizing your current home, you have arrived at the right place. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through the intricacies of real estate, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Allow us to assist you in embarking upon an exciting journey towards fulfilling your housing dreams.

The Art of Selling or Buying Real Estate

We are sending our clients,  listing that match their home search criteria, and we eliminate sending them those listing they are not interested in. Our listing includes, in addition to the MLS Listing that every agent can send them, we send them  Pocket Listings, pre-MLS Listings, short sales, Bank foreclosures, company-owned properties, and other distressed sales. The idea is, to send them listings before they hit the market, to avoid the bidding war that usually ends with either losing the home or buying the house for a higher price. In this market, we need to be creative and find a better way to help our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is our best reward.
Our clients in Vaughan and in Toronto GTA have successfully used our unique approach to buy and sell their homes with zero hassle, risk, and sacrifice. Are you ready to find out how you can do the same?

Why choose us as your Realtors?

Based on our valuable real estate market knowledge, we will do our best, to ensure you will get objective
information when it comes to buying or selling your Home.

Expertise is required to strategize, negotiate, achieve the best outcome possible, and provide expert guidance throughout the entire journey of buying or selling real estate.

We are committed to looking for your best interest, with every step as you navigate this complex process of buying or selling a Home.

Our Marketing Action Plan

Our First goal in marketing our listing, is to present our listing to stand out in a sea of other listings.  Every home is unique and different. We targeting our campaign to the type of buyers that will be interested in the listing, in order to get better results for our sellers.

** FREE Buyers Protection Plan

For Toronto and York region only. Call for more details.

No-Risk, No Penalty

You are never required to pay any of the expenses for our services in advance.  After your home is sold, at the closing date, once the transaction is completed successfully, we will be paid.

About our service

We are available for you, for any real estate service (Buying or selling) you will need. You can call us for a free Home evaluation or if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist you. 

Coordinating Selling & Buying

Selling your old home and purchasing your new one would be coordinated. Don't worry: You have options. With our negotiation skills and experience, we will look in your best interest by extending the time for the closing date, and adding conditions in the contract for your favor as required. 

Pricing Your Home

Since the buyers have a lot of choices, we will price your home at fair market value to get a great price for your home and sell it within an excellent acceptable time.


How much house can I afford? The rule of thumb is you can afford a mortgage where your monthly housing costs are no more than 32% of your gross household income

Current Mortgage Rates 

 ***  Mortgage Rates 
Fixed       4.79%* for insured 
Fixed       5.24% for conventional
Variable   5.80% for insured 
Variable   6.30% for uninsured 
Rental      5.39% fixed
                6.60% variable
Prime Rate              6.70%
Qualifying Rate     
Contract Rate + 2% 
Next rate set by the Bank of Canada is on Mar 8
, 2023
“B” Lending 
       2 years   – 6.34%
       3 years   – 5.99%
40 years amortization available*
TDS up to 60%*
Self-Employed – 6 to 12 months bank statements 
Bad/Bruised Credit
Rental Properties  
Existing or Previous Consumer Proposal
Rate starts from 9.00%*
No documentation required
Quick Closing
True Stated income
No Proof of Down Payment
Interest only or 40 years amortization
Fully open or 3 months interest penalty

The rate starts from 11.99% 

Rates/Guidelines/products are subject to change. Terms and conditions apply for the best rates. 

*This is for information purposes only. For more information, CALL: (647) 621-7344 and you will be referred to a great team that will assist you.

We're Here To Help You


Looking to sell or buy an apartment?
Do you know all the steps taken to buy or sell your home? We Have A Simple Process we use. You can start using our easy-to-use map-based search.


Would You Like To Sell Your Property Without Any Real Estate Agents Involved? Or you will prefer the other safe way, using professionals to do the job for you? Knowledge, Experience, Networking, and Negotiation skills are essential for Successful transactions – hassle-free. Call us to get our professional guidance/service.


We are here to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect office space which can be: fully furnished offices, small office spaces, and executive offices. Our service for you as a renter is free. Get a FREE consultation and take advantage of our advice at no extra cost. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect office space for rent for you or for your company.

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