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A Notice of Security Interest (NOSI), is a lien on personal property without the knowledge of the owner. It often comes in the form ,,,

<<<< F. S. B. O. >>> > For Sale By Owner

As an FSBO (For Sale By Owner), experienced in marketing, a seller can save 1.5 to 2.5 percent of the final agreed-upon selling price.

Selling Your Home For Cash

You've probably seen an advertisement to sell your house for cash fast. You are probably asking yourself what is the deal here? Here's what you need to know ..

Selling Your Home,

Selling your home, it’s not an easy decision to make. No matter what your reasons for selling your home are, understanding the local housing market, and the seasonal trends can impact your goals. We’ll help you navigate the path to a successful choice.

The Way To Be Professional

What is the best way to be professional with what you are doing? Interesting question don't you think? Well, read this short story and you will find out the answer.

Seller's Guide

Most home sellers dream of a stress-free sale in which they simply list their house, quickly find a qualified buyer, collect the cash and hand over the keys. Here are the steps to sell your home in 2022

Selling Your Home

Pricing Your Home

You probably ask yourself, how can I determine my home value, and why it’s so important? Determining your home’s value is more ART than science. To cover this big subject, we will start with simple facts and more and more we will “dive” into other things that an experienced realtor does when pricing a home.

Home Preparation Checklist

Here is How To Prepare Your Home For Sale. Little things can make a big difference.

Abbreviations In MLS Listing

Next time you see one of the abbreviations on the MLS listings, you will know what it means.

Downsizing Your Home

As we grow older, our homes may start to feel like a burden rather than a sanctuary. If you’re an older homeowner with an empty nest, you may be considering downsizing to a smaller, more manageable space.



Closing Costs in Ontario ranges between 1.5% to 4% of the Purchase Price. The real estate lawyers manage all of the legal paperwork involved with your home purchase. This include ,,,


Buying a pre-construction property offers many benefits. However, there are several risks and surprises that come with buying condo from a builder. Learn more ,,,


When you make an offer to purchase a house, you have to put down a deposit. This article will focus on some points to keep in mind about deposits and answer some questions about deposits when you purchase a property.

The Buyer / Sellers Representation Agreement

When selling / buying a home, most people are aware that they need to sign a Buyer / Listing Agreement with a REALTOR®. This agreement works in favor of both sides which guarantee the very best real estate service.


The most common mistakes that homebuyers make can be disastrous, lead to unwanted process delays and financial issues down the road. CLICK, to explore some of the most common mistakes made by home buyers and how you can avoid them.


If you are buying a brand new condominium, the paperwork and entire process can be confusing and overwhelming. Buyers are not aware of the unique aspects of closing a pre-construction condominium purchase.


Have you ever wondered how credit scores are calculated? Here, you will learn about credit scores and how credit scores are used as a guideline for lenders. Mortgage companies, banks, and insurance companies determine the interest rate they will charge based on the borrower's credit score.

How To Find Great Deals

As a buyer, you probably asking yourself, How and where I can Find Great Deals?
If you are thinking of buying a property / investing in real estate, having the money, or qualifying for a loan, You are only at a start point to do it right.

Government Programs

Achieving your dream can be made easier by taking advantage of various Government Programs for home buyers and property owners. Some of the programs are targeted at first-time buyers, while others apply more generally.


Title insurance is protection against loss arising from problems connected to the title of your property. Before you purchased your home, it may have gone through several ownership changes, and the land on which it stands went through many more.

Buy Smart

Mortgage, Things You Need to Know

Getting a mortgage, can be very stressful when buying a home. There are ways of making the process as simple as possible. When purchasing a real estate property, unless paying cash, consumers typically finance all or a portion of the purchase price Learn more....

Toronto Vacant Home Tax

An annual tax will be levied on vacant properties. Unoccupied residential properties, that are for more than six months (cumulative) in a calendar year may be subject to the new tax payable beginning in 2023. Homeowners whose property is not,,,

Rent-to-own programs

An annual tax will be levied on vacant properties. Unoccupied residential properties, that are for more than six months (cumulative) in a calendar year may be subject to the new tax payable beginning in 2023. Homeowners whose property is not,,,

Buying Home While Owning Home

Buying a new home while still owning your current home can be a challenging process, but it's not impossible. If you're a homebuyer who wants to purchase a new home but currently owns a home that you plan to sell after purchasing the new one, there are several options to consider.

Home’s Statutory Warranty

To protect the statutory warranty during the first two years of possession, a home buyer must follow a few important steps Learn more....

Credit Score For Free

Looking to obtain your credit score in Canada without any cost? You're in luck, as there are now several options available to you. Discover 10 Ways to Get a Credit Score For Free in Canada. Learn more...

Risks of Multiple Listing Service

There are risks associated with using MLS, and it is important for buyers and sellers to be aware of these risks before using this system. Learn more...

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About Real Estate Commissions

When navigating the world of real estate in Ontario, Canada, it's essential to have a thorough understanding of the realtor's commission Learn more...

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Solutions in Achieving Homeownership

Despite the obstacles that aspiring home buyers face in the Canadian real estate market, there are viable solutions available to achieve their homeownership dreams. Learn more....

Risk and Reward in Power of Sale Deals

Risks in Power of Sale Deals

Discover the secrets of purchasing properties under Power of Sale. This blog will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions in this exciting corner of the real estate market. Learn more....


Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Homeownership: Solutions for Aspiring Home Buyers.

Tenant-Landlord Disputes

Learn about the critical components of resolving tenant-landlord disputes in Ontario, including the real estate forms used in each situation,,, (Read more)


Understanding the Tenant Eviction - A Comprehensive Guide.

understand the circumstances under which a landlord can legally evict a tenant from their rental unit.

Legislated Standard vs. OREA Form 400

Legislated Standard Vs Orea Form 400

Have you asked yourself, what is the different between the OREA Form 400 Agreement to Lease, and the legislated standard form of lease? Well, Let's delve into each aspect in detail

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