The Way To Be Professional

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What is the best way to be professional with what you are doing?
Interesting question don’t you think?
Well, read this short story and you will find out the answer.
A teacher asked her students to create a vase for flowers, and the student that builds the most beautiful, creative and unique vase will win an expensive reward.
For this purpose, the teacher divided the class into two groups.
Each student from Group Number 1, was assigned to read articles, search the web and do research on the subject, and using the info gathered they were to create one unique vase. The one with the best vase in group number 1, will win a reward.
Each student from Group number 2, was assigned to create as many vases as they possibly can. The student from group 2 that with the most number of vases will win a reward as well.
As the students completed their assignments, the teacher checked and gave rewards to the winners from each group.
Now it was down to the two finalists. The Big and expensive Reward!
The teacher put the two vases of the winners on the table, and asked:
Who is the winner from the 2 groups?
Dear Reader, Who do you think won?

The winner was from group number 2.

Things can be hard to implement at times so, Don`t over think it.
                              >>>    JUST DO IT   !

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