House Hunting Checklist

The Home’s Exterior
The Home’s Interior
Local Neighbourhood
Home Location: _____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
Asking Price: ________________________________________________________
Annual Property Taxes: ______________________________________________
Mortgage Terms: ____________________________________________________
Zoning Restrictions (ask the REALTOR®): _______________________________

The Home’s Exterior
Lot Details
Lot size/shape: __________________
Landscaping condition: good/moderate/poor
Position of home on lot (compass directions):______________
Driveway: private/shared
General lot condition: good/moderate/poor
Front yard: sm/med/lg
Side yard: sm/med/lg
Rear yard: sm/med/lg
Mature trees, shrubs, etc: yes/no
Curb appeal: good/moderate/poor
Condition of walkways: good/moderate/poor
Structure Details
Number of stories: 1/2/3/4
Type of home: _________________
Siding: brick/brick veneer/wood/aluminum/combination
Condition of siding & paint: good/moderate/poor
Garage: attached/detached/one-car/two-car
Parking: uncovered/one paid space/ two paid spaces
Front porch: covered/enclosed
Fenced front yard: yes/no
Fenced backyard: yes/no
Eaves troughs and downspouts: good/moderate/poor
Patio/deck: good/moderate/poor
Swimming pool: above/below/indoor/outdoor/none
General pool condition: good/moderate/poor
Storage shed: yes/no
Type of roof: _________________
General roof condition: good/moderate/poor
Recent roof repairs: yes/no
Repair Receipts: yes/no
Roof Age: ____________
Type of foundation: raised well above ground/visible cracks
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The Home’s Interior
Doors & Windows
Windows: single pane/thermopane
General window condition: good/moderate/poor
Door locks/latches work: yes/no
General size/colours: __________________
Eat-in area: yes/no
Cooking food/prep island: yes/no
Sufficient cupboard space: yes/no
Sufficient counter space: yes/no
Countertop type/condition: __________________
Floor type/condition: _____________________
Pantry: yes/no
Sink: single/double
Appliances included: yes/no
General appliance condition: good/moderate/poor
Family/Living Room
Fireplace: yes/no
Living room floor type/condition: __________________
Separate dining room: yes/no
Dining room floor type/condition: ___________________
Other Home Details
Square footage: ____________
Foyer closet: yes/no
Soundproof & fireproof shared walls: yes/no
No. of Bathrooms: _______
Ensuite bathroom: yes/no
Floor type/condition: ___________
No. of Bedrooms: _______
Floor type/condition: _____________
Closets: yes/no
Adequate headroom: yes/no
Finished: yes/no
Door to outside: yes/no
Utility area (laundry): yes/no
Storage areas: yes/no
Cracks in walls/floor: yes/no
Drained or sump pump: ____________
Evidence of flood/moisture: yes/no
Recent renovations: yes/no
General condition: ____________
Electrical System
General condition: __________
Sufficient outlets: yes/no
Amperage: __________
Switches: fuses/circuit breakers
Wiring: aluminum/copper wiring
Meets current codes: yes/no
Copper pipes: yes/no
Signs of leaks: yes/no
Recent repairs: yes/no
Age: ________
Meets current codes: yes/no
Water Service
Source: City/well
Well: dug/drilled
Does well ever run dry: yes/no
Capacity: ______
Age of pump: _____
Size of feeder line from well to house: ________
Water agreement: yes/no
Water quality tested for potability: yes/no
Sewage/Septic System
Type: sewage/septic
Where’s septic field: _______
Holding tank & system recently checked: yes/no
Type: oil/gas/electric/steam/baseboard/heat pump/combination
Age: _____
Output: _____
Recent repairs: ______
Air Conditioning
Type: window/central
Age: _____
Size: ______
Recent repairs: _______
Hot Water Heater
Contract: leased/owned
Type: gas/electric
No. of gallons: _______
Efficiency: ________
Age: ________
Type: ______
Rating: _______
Asbestos or UFFI: yes/no
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Check all that apply. Close to:
City services (fire/police/hospital)
Medical (doctor, dentist)
Shopping (grocery, pharmacy)
Day care
Recreation/community centre
Public swimming pool
Public tennis courts
Golf course
Skating arena
Hockey arena
Gas station
Public library
Major roads/highways
Places of worship
Possible problems: train tracks/congestion/on busy or noisy main road
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Local Neighbourhood
Check all that apply:
Type of homes: ________
Age group of homeowners: __________
Quiet streets
Adequate street lights
Visible power/telephone lines
Well-cared-for homes/yards
General condition:
Space between homes
Adequate street parking/overnight parking restrictions
Possible problems: poorly maintained roads

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