Property Descriptions And MLS Abbreviations

Since we are (As realtor), limited with space, to describe all the beautiful features of the property for sale/lease, we use a lot of different abbreviations. You can find them on MLS listings and on Realtor’s listing property descriptions.

Here are the popular abbreviations that most often used and what does it mean:

MLS Last Status

DOM – days on the market

Exp – Expired (the listing)

Ext – Extended (the term of the listing)

Lc – leased conditionally

Pc – price change

Sc – sold conditionally

Ter – Terminated (the listing)

Sld – sold

Sus – Suspended (the listing)

Property Descriptions

A/C – air conditioner

B/I – built-in

Cc – certified cheque

Elf’s – Electrical light fixtures

GDO – garage door opener

Hydro – electricity (non-Canadians always are confused with this)

LB – lockbox

Lg – large

RECO – Real Estate Council of Ontario

TRREB – Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

S/S – stainless steel

W/ – with

W/D – washer and dryer

W/I – walk in

W/O – walkout, could be a basement

So, Next time you see one of the abbreviations on the MLS listings,  you will know what it means. 

I hope you found this helpful. I will be happy to assist and answer questions regarding to real estate that you may have. CLICK HERE,  to send me your questions/contact me.

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