Risks of Multiple Listing Service

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a platform that is used in Canada to allow real estate agents to list properties and advertise them to other agents. This system is particularly popular in Ontario and is used by the majority of real estate agents in the province. However, there are risks associated with using MLS, and it is important for buyers and sellers to be aware of these risks before using this system.

Risks of Multiple Listing Service

One of the main risks of using MLS is the potential for misinformation. While real estate agents are required to be honest in their listings, mistakes can happen. For example, an agent may list a property as having four bedrooms when it only has three. Similarly, an agent may list a property as being in a certain location when it is actually located in a different area. These mistakes can be costly for buyers who rely on the information in MLS to make purchasing decisions.

Another risk of MLS is the potential for fraud. While rare, there have been cases of fraudulent listings on MLS. For example, a seller may list a property that they do not own and then disappear with the deposit money. Similarly, a seller may list a property that is in foreclosure and not discloses this fact to potential buyers. These fraudulent listings can be difficult to detect and can result in significant financial losses for buyers.

Examples of Risks Associated with Multiple Listing Service

In 2019, a real estate agent in Ontario was fined $5,000 for submitting a false listing to MLS. The agent had listed a property as having a basement apartment when it did not. The agent was found to have intentionally misled buyers in order to generate interest in the property.

In another case, a buyer in Ontario lost $10,000 after falling victim to a fraudulent listing on MLS. The buyer had placed a deposit on a property that was listed on MLS, only to find out later that the seller did not actually own the property. The seller disappeared with the deposit money, and the buyer was left with no recourse.


While Multiple Listing Services can be a valuable tool for buyers and sellers of real estate, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with this system. Buyers and sellers should be diligent in their research and should not rely solely on MLS listings when making purchasing decisions. By being aware of the risks associated with MLS, buyers, and sellers can protect themselves from financial losses and ensure that their real estate transactions are successful.

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